I'm a person who knows what she likes and what she doesn't like when it comes to home decor. My trouble is I don't know how to take my desires and turn them into reality. I do not like to shop. I have no patience. I truly just want my home to reflect me and be updated immediately upon taking possession, without doing the legwork and research necessary.

This is where my dear friend, Maura Taft comes to the rescue. Maura listens to me, gets to know me, respects my budget and can turn a room filled with old memories into a fresh new start. She can see things I cannot. She has an incredible read on people and can translate her insight to create a living environment where her clients feel at home. It's about trust. I've seen her work. I've seen her take a place I couldn't spend one night in and create a peaceful, serene home that welcomes you as you walk in the door. It's never "over-done." Instead, her work represents class, comfort, and beauty. She can make it mine and make me smile when I walk into my home. I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful results that were driven from her expertise, sincere care and insight.

Thank you, Maura!

Kristin Bassetti
Highland Beach, FL & Walnut Creek, CA

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